Friday, September 17, 2004

as it is when it was

Thanks to Spoilt Victorian Child for the reference. If you have only a passing interest in New Order or Joy Division, please head his way for some great titbits and comment. I had the unknown pleasure of spending several months as part of the team in the Factory office at 86 Palatine Road around 1986/87... Freaky Dancin' era Happy Mondays, Brotherhood era New Order, Mickey Way era ACR, Bread and Circuses era Durutti Column, Festival of the 10th Summer etc. A splendid time was, of course, guaranteed for all.

Now here's something not a lot of people know. Tim Booth, formerly of James, lived at the same address, in the flat next-door to the Factory office, with his then partner (and manager) Martine.

Look and learn, our kid. Look and learn.