Friday, May 13, 2005

push it

You catch me stuffing the scraggy ends of a bright pink thong in between bulging flaps. It's hard. Yes it's really hard fitting it all in.

Packing suitcases to go on holiday is a nightmare isn't it? I said to Mrs Backroads, it wasn't as difficult as this last year. Then she reminds me that whilst we had Alley and Snicket, we didn't have Boo to cart with us last year and all the gubbins that has to go with her.

Still, according to our biometric, ultra-dynamic, 'I speak your health' weighing scales we've got one case which is clinically obese, another which is grossly overwight and another with diabetes.... unfortunately that's the one with our fortnight's supply of Jelly Belly's in. I hope that one doesn't get nicked... those things cost a fortune! Not so bothered about the other cases as they've only got camcorders, DVD players and crap like that in them.

Anyway, so fed up have we got with the whole process that me and Mrs B have packed the kids off to the in-laws and decided to have a pre-holiday shag. Now back to that thong.