Monday, March 07, 2005

gut of the quantifier

Mrs Backroads has been taken rather badly. Like the rest of the UK we went out for a Mother's Days lunch yesterday which, I have to say, went fairly well. Apart from the restaurant having lost our booking, then finding it, then putting us on a table other than the one we'd requested. Anyway we all got sat down and the food was, y'know, OK for a generic chain... or at least we thought it was until we got home last night and Mrs B's Lamb and Rosemary Suet Pudding made a surprise guest appearance during Fame Academy. We thought we'd seen the last of it but it continued to surprise us all night by appearing in a whole host of surprsing venues.

Anyway, she's feeling better now, but my trip to the smoke today has been shelved.

One more thing. I went to order drinks yesterday when one the of bar staff was taken to one side and given a bollocking by his manager. I wasn't particular impressed by the way he got spoken to so I took the manager aside and had a word. Bear in mind that my point was about the way he spoke to the staff member rather than issue being discussed, it fell on deaf ears as the manager tried to impress upon me how it was like talking to a brick wall.

So big up all the underpaid undertrained underlings on the busiest lunchtime of the year.