Friday, February 11, 2005

return of the mac

I’ve been forcibly reminded of my obligations to this little corner of blogworld. So, by way of an update:

This week I have been mostly:

LIMPING – in my preparations for my little 10k jaunt later in the year I managed to twang my calf muscle on Sunday. My training schedule went straight into the shredder as I hobbled around. In order to address this situation I have also been…

GETTING PIERCED – I love acupuncture and seek every opportunity to have some. Not in a sado-masochistic way… er … no actually, yes in a sado-masochistic way. I broke a nail the other week fixing a brake-light and seriously considered whether acupuncture might present a cure. Anyway, its helped with the hobbling, so I reckon I’ll be pounding the lanes surrounding Backroads’ Manor this weekend, albeit at a walking pace.

DRIVING – This week entailed a trip to Birmingham which despite being located neatly in the middle of the country and surrounded by more transport infrastructure than anywhere else in the UK is still a nightmare to get to… and almost always a disappointment when you get there.

LISTENING TO ANNIE MAC – If you’ve not listened to the great Annie Mac on the nation’s favourite at 9pm on a Thursday you’re missing a treat. She’s the future of Radio 1, mark my words. Young, enthusiastic, unpretentious and plays great records. She’s not a biffer either.

PLUCKING MY EYEBROWS – Startlingly I’ve begun to sprout stray Dennis Healey style annennas from my Neanderthal monobrow. This has been a cause of great distress to me, and of great delight to Mrs Backroads who has enjoyed the extraction process a little too much. I don’t mind her plucking them, but I wish she wouldn’t take a run-up.

ROCKING LIKE A ROMANIAN ORPHAN – After a month of being spoilt by Boo, the latest addition to the Family Backroads, sleeping like a top every night, she has now decided to squawk all night instead, placated only by that motion that can only be achieved when cradled in the arms of a bleary eyed adult rocking slowly from foot to foot whilst standing. All well and good until you try to perch on the arm of a sofa or lean on a door when the *WARNING WARNING RELAXATION ALERT* alarm goes off on little Boo’s head and the wailing recommences.

LUSTING – I’ve been doing some lusting whilst sitting on the toilet and flicking through magazines this week. I tend to be a sucker for coats, t-shirts and trainers. Particularly trainers. Check these babies as spotted in Arena. Due for launch in March. I can’t wait…