Monday, March 13, 2006


Snow just isn't the same is it? It came down all day yesterday and still there isn't enough to roll a snow-ball. Everywhere just looks like Kate Moss has been round with a hole in her pocket, in her pocket, in her pocket, with a hole in her pocket.

That, however, is good enough for me. I shall be blogging working from home today instead of traversing the M62 summit... just in case. By the way, just near the M62 summit is Scammondon Reservoir, the car park for which is, apparently, a top dogging venue. Now the police (spoilsports) have taken to taking down everyone's car registration numbers and writing to them to tell them to stop doing it outside in case they get a chill.

I have explained to Mrs Backroads that we will have to go out dogging on our scooter in future in order to avoid interference from the fuzz. She seems happy, but has asked that we leave off until the warmer evenings are here. I have agreed to this and have taken to watching two episodes of Takeshi's Castle each day as a sort of bromide replacement.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


It's been a while, I know. I'm still here though. Since we last met I've been to a funeral, seen Richard Thompson and Bob Mould again, been to Delhi (bit like Tenerife, less messy) and back.

Things are pretty much the same I see. Fluffy's done a Fluffy again, I note. If she's sprung up somewhere else in my absence would somebody drop me a line. AFMIP and jonnyb are still pinnacling the apex of all summits and Watski and Unlucky Man gave up the ghost before I did.

Other than that... any questions?