Thursday, August 02, 2007


I got to the end of the book that mustn't be named. It was alright.

I went to see Amy MacDonald last night at The Plug. She was very good after the worthy but dull support acts. I think she needs to ditch the songs she wrote five years ago and but otherwise she is as a button. Did Mr Brightside too.

I shouldn't have had the chilli burger here beforehand... it's still bouldering around inside me somewhere.

The Plug is a pokey hole, so it'll be entertaining to see how Richard Thompson and band squeeze in next week.

The whole of Sheffield is a construction site. I have been in and out of Sheffield a million times in a million different directions but had to admit defeat in the end and get the Sat Nav out. Came home over Strines Moor in the end. Sort of like Middle Earth as imagined by Compo and Clegg.

Have you been here yet? Or seen this?

The New Order situation is getting out of hand too. These ramblings are Hooky's post in sobriety!! It's all very Spinal Tap.