Friday, January 11, 2008


You know how user interfaces on computers work in films, don't you? Y'know, all instantly loading web pages and smoothly animated transitions between one screen and the next. Well that's how the iPhone actually works. Yes, yes, I know there are phones out there with better cameras, with cut and paste, with more bluetooth capabilities and 3G, but make no mistake, the iPhone is a thing of beauty.

I've dumped Orange to get an iPhone on O2. The biggest chunk of my bill was always data, as I browse compulsively... news... sport... gossip... sauce... whatever. Now I get this all bundled in, and at great speed when I'm at home on wifi or out and about on free networks.

It has YouTube built in too. I have always dumped YouTube in with the likes of MySpace and Facebook as being dumb, ugly and not for me, but on the iPhone it is stripped of it's tatty website and is easily searchable for videos which load quickly and play fullscreen without any faff.

The iPod and iTunes store also work great, with videos looking crisp and clear. Eric Prydz has never been so popular. Also it is worth the investment in better headphones. I paid a small fortune for these, but they are worth it (plus they have a built in mic for handsfree calling).

The touch screen works like a little version of the computers in Minority Report, particularly when browsing or looking at photos as you scoot things around the screen, easily zooming in and out. It also knows which way up you are holding the device and automatically switches the picture around on screen for you which is absolutely great except for when you want to particularly study the latest Lindsay Lohan upskirt blunder and it keeps turning her the right way up.

What else...? I have received Coupland's Everything's Gone Green on DVD but not watched it yet. jPod is being made into a sitcom and I've been perusing the trailer.

I spent my Christmas Waterstones vouchers on these three books and am half way through The Damned United. Get it read.

Lastly, the doc tells me I have high blood pressure and need a lifestyle change. I haven't changed it yet.