Thursday, February 08, 2007


It was cold but beautiful yesterday as I hurtled across the Pennines.

It was like one of those car adverts where there's nothing else but you and the open road, so I cranked the heater up, opened the sun roof and put the music on blare in the knowledge that no-one else was around.

Trouble is, I got so into it I kept this up right into the centre of Manchester and into the carpark. Trouble was, by that time, the Live Lounge CD had got around to James Blunt doing a Lemar tune. Double shite! What the outraged locals parking there cars must have thought as I circled looking for a space I dread to think. I'm pretty sure that it was only the lack of a personalised number plate that prevented them hauling me out through the sun-roof and scrawling TW4T on my forehead.

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