Friday, March 30, 2007


I was driving along the East Lancs Road
Listening to an Audio Book of the Da Vinci Code
When I got three points for taking a call
From 1974, it was Stuart Hall
And he said, tell the producers of Life on Mars
That you won't get Merlot in Salford bars
until the early '90s when they build the Quays
But other than that he was really pleased
Though he added tell John Sim he's more Van Gogh
Than Bernard Sumner so I said 'Fuck Off'
24 Hour Party People's a documentary
So don't come round here taking an inventory
Of all the Fac numbers I've collected
And Northside b-sides I've rejected
Get well soon Mr Tony Wilson
But don't be fooled it's not the real Mondays without Cowhead.

Sorry I'm late, but I've tried to put more ideas in the last paragraph than I normally get into three months blogging so....

... they're putting on a festival in the field next to the new wing of Backroads Manor. 10,000 expected. The logo looks like the view from my bedroom window. Well, they've got the Proclaimers and Badly Drawn Boy and, er, Nizlopi, all for only £80. If you don't fancy that, I've put some speakers in the back garden and I'll be playing Achtung Bono and Post Reformation TLC back to back all weekend.