Monday, May 31, 2004

who will buy?

Most people hate shopping but I quite like it. However, I prefer the Sainsbury's experience to, say, the Morrisons/ASDA experience. There's a much lower pov count at Sainsburys and they don't put slug pellets next to the yoghurt.

I have a tendency to lapse into holiday mode though when I'm at Sainsbury's and buy all sorts of nice crap that we don't need. Usually these are things like Green & Black's entire product range, tarte au citron, nice melons and wine. However, I've decided I'm on the wagon for a bit so didn't buy any wine. I also resisted buying a CD, but that was because nothing piqued my interest in the slightest. Green & Black's made their presence felt though with multiple bars of chocolate, ice cream and choccy spread hitting the basket.

Shopping's a bit daft though isn't it. You put stuff in your trolley, you take it out of your trolley, you pay, you put it back in your trolley, you take it back out of your trolley and out it in your car, you leave, you take stuff out of your car and you put it away. Internet shopping I hear you say. Fine, but they do weird product swaps when they haven't got the item you ordered. Y'know like 'we've no jalapeno peppers so we sent you some Right Guard instead'. The supermarket that sends someone home with you to unpack all your stuff and put it away will win the war.