Wednesday, August 04, 2004

mind the gap

As predicted, blogging on a bit of a backburner while I scale the 'new job learning curve'. Anyway, got a few minutes to spare as I'm sitting in the doctor's waiting room early (still can't shake off the supposed Legionnaire's Pneumonia plague... How long have I been ill?)

Had to brave the receptionist of course, which is the biggest challenge. Fortunately she thought I was a rep (I know!) and was relieved that I wasn't blagging surgical supplies.

Haven't done a list for a while but I've been mainly in Radio 4 territory whilst sat on the M62 each day. However, I've been revisiting Lou Reed's back catalogue over the past day or two and some of it just doesn't pass the test of time. Transformer does and, my personal favourite, New York but a lot of what came in between and afterwards just doesn't... in fact it's hard work.

I need to visit my neighbours in blogland soon. Everyone hanging in there?