Sunday, July 04, 2004

him, from a village

Just in, the village gala stats:
Windspeed: 82mph
Precipitation: 100%
Gazebos Damaged: 6
Hotdogs eaten by astronauts: 2
Teddys sold: 167

It's one of those pre-holiday shopping days today. Yep, gonna paint the the town beige in the hunt for holiday clothes. Y'know, those you buy knowing you'd never wear them at home and... surprise, surprise they remain folded in your case for the duration of the holiday because you wouldn't wear them away from home either.

Tomorrow, it's all crap travel again. Lots of standing around on platforms desparate for distraction. It's my fervent hope that, for good behaviour, I'll be awarded somewhere to sit on the train tomorrow as I triangulate the UK. Last week's foray into the unknown revealed some pleasant scenery though.