Thursday, July 01, 2004

pull this handle to stop brain

Whatever happened to Bush? I never liked'em but they were massive in America. Didn't Gavin Rossdale marry someone famous? Now I did like Uresei Yatsura and you don't hear of them either but they were right there on the Fall/Pavement tip. As I write I'm hurtling south courtesy of GNER so I can't do any Googling to check either band's status.

I've done reading Q now and here's what's on my mind:

1. I'm not even slightly interested in the ongoing Pete Doherty/Libertines soap opera. Should I be?

2. Fluxblog's hosting of Scissor Sisters version of FF's Take Me Out gets good plug... See my link from the other day.

3. Article on knitting and Kelis. See 'What Not To Wear' in 'previous posts'. Nuff said.

4. Snow Patrol article. Damn, I'm losing interest.

5. Jamie Cullem. There's something not right here.

6. Prince. The most recent CD in the list of Prince albums you should own is Sign of the Times from '87. So why a five page spread on the bemused maestro of quantity over quality?

7. Steve Jobs is the second most powerful person in rock. But, hey, elsewhere we're told that's it's Peter Gabriel's company OD2 that licences digital downloads for the five majors.

8. The new Juliana Hatfield is probably not a good idea. She's the Donna Tartt of pop.

9. Mono sound a bit like Mogwai. This is good.

10. I'm tempted by Ultrafox but know it won't last.