Tuesday, June 29, 2004

notes from a small bedroom

On a recommendation from Tim I thought it seemed like a good idea to participate in the experimental travel gig. You know me though, dead excited and wanting to do things straight away. I noticed that the rules state that you can change the rules…. So instead of paces I'm using centimetres. This meant I could achieve my journey without leaving the room. Here’s the results. Judge for yourself:

1. The first stage is your starting point.

Quite literally, starting with the basics.

2. Walk in any direction for 50 - 100 paces, turn 180 degrees. Stop.

I feel a bit exposed now.

3. Turn 180 degrees. Continue walking untill you see something blue. Stop

The Monkees CD is the first blue thing. I think that my favourite track is Listen to the Band. I heard it on a pre-show tape at a James gig around the time of the Festival of the Tenth Summer in 1986 at Manchester Town Hall and I'll always associate it with that great time.

4 Make a left turn, walk 50 - 70 paces. Stop

Hey! It's only a small room!

5. Walk in any direction until you see something that is, or looks like the number 7 or 11. Stop.

Bloody Hell! I really should be working!

6. Take the first left continue and look for somewhere to sit. Stop

I'm thinking that my trainers look crap in this picture. Can I assure you that they were quite dear.

7. Choose any direction and walk for 25 - 50 paces. Stop

These box sets are too tall to stand up... also the spines have all faded because the sun blazes in here in the morning.

8. Continue walking untill you see an unusual colour, shape or texture. Turn 180 degrees. Stop

Further along is the book I got from the Peter Saville Show at the Design Centre. It has fluoro-orange wrapper and a version of the great wave texture from Unknown Pleasures on its cover.

9. Turn 180 degrees. Keep walking in any direction untill you see an archway or unusual building feature. walk to it and stop.

Stops the door boinging into the wall.

10. Head for home and keep looking for something that catches your eye. Stop.

Blimey! A J-Lo CD. Fancy.