Tuesday, June 22, 2004

why we write

I've spent a little time this morning taking a tour around various blogs in order to understand what makes people tick. Some blogs leap out at you as being of immediate interest either through their design, their textual content, some references to blogs, music, writers etc who you already admire or, on occasion, through the mearest smattering of smut! Anyway, I took a stroll through A Free Man In Preston's blogroll and then bounced around.

From Witho I ended up at mynus where, in a comment on the very first post I found a link to an excellent article regarding writing of 'the living web'. It's thoughtful, thorough and encouraging. Maybe people have already read it. Maybe it's the blogger's mantra. I just though it was pretty good.

Took a look at fluxblog yesterday which has a great Scissor Sisters verion of The Ferdies' Take Me Out. Also check out dINbOT and this great mash-up of Britney vs Wire.