Monday, June 14, 2004

version control/summer in the city

The usual Monday psych warfare. I would say at least there's Euro 2004 but after last night... Phew!

Revenge's One True Passion v.2.0 arrived from Amazonia this morning but remains unplayed. Looking fwd though.

The Smoke beckons again tomorrow. Now I would've taken in the Divine Comedy at the Bloomsbury Theatre, but sadly they're all sold out. So, unless a tout comes good, it looks like it'll be an evening of easyeverything plus footy in a pub somewhere.

I am heartily sick of trying to browse the web via an old b&w Handspring. It's like reading a newspaper through a keyhole, so blogging in the relative comfort of easyeverything on Tottenham Court Road should be quite fun. It's normally full of Japanese students Telnetting on bizarre BBSs.