Saturday, June 05, 2004

admission now free

We'll be going underground tomorrow. Bob Mould's blog changes every time you look at it. He's experimenting with the new graphics he's been tinkering with. He has a nice take on Washington DC life, some interesting friends and some varied interests, musically and otherwise. Been listening to the great 15 60 75 tonight and this classic record.

Nearly bought a great pink t-shirt with Outrage printed on it today until someone said it might be a bit statementy. D'ya think? Got bought a Kiss Ass shirt instead. Nearly got a book by Gene Simmons and also nearly bought Deborah Curtis' book about Ian and Paul Morley's autobiography but really did come away with nothing. Watched the BBC4 Richard Thompson prog which I Sky+'d last night. Brilliant musician, but how he balances Sufism with everything else I don't know.