Wednesday, June 02, 2004

1 x monkey; summarily shocked

Last minute rearrangements mean that I will be attending the rapidly aging one's Wembley Arena show next week. Not Half Man Half Biscuit I grant you but Graham Coxon was sold out.

Now Supper's Ready is, by all accounts, a 70s LPsidetastic classic and, indeed, a crowdpleaser. However, I just can't get past the phrase 'Mum-tiddly-washing'. Sorry about that.

Someone told me last week that they know someone who liked Wings better than the Beatles. What's more, they also preferred The Style Council to The Jam.

This got me thinking. Maybe there are prople who preferred The Armoury Show to The Skids; The Madness to Madness; Starship to Jefferson Starship; Preston School of Industry to Pavement; Frank Black & The Catholics to Pixies. Of course, I could go on. Instead try this and jfdiy.