Thursday, June 10, 2004

do you do voodoo you?

The entire day I've spent with my ear glued to my phone. Radiation sickness here I come. Tomorrow I'm back in the smoke hoping to avoid card sharps and racketeers. It's also Friday which means I may see my computer once again... Although this could now be Monday which doesn't please.

Saturday will be about tractors, dogs, majorettes, sheep, cattle and home made cakes. Yes it's the local agricultural show. Alternatively another nearby village is holding a 'scarecrow' day. This is where you buy a little map, have a cup of tea and a scone and then trundle round people's garden's to observe the often bizarre scarecrows they've created for the occasion. I've no idea of the background to this type of communal weirdness... I think it may be a relatively new phenomena and it's an odd one too in that people go to a lot of effort when creating these effigies (no doubt there'll be an England team of straw somewhere) but they're rarely there when people wander by to have a nosey at their efforts. We'll see. It might have to be overpriced dog-burgers and endless stalls selling crap fudge, home-made soap and those green fold-up camping chairs with drink holders in the arms.