Sunday, June 13, 2004

horsing around

It cost a second mortgage to go to the show. No way was it worth it, but there you go. A friend was competing in the show-jumping so got some pretty good pics of him. There were some jodhpur related distractions but other than that it was Tractor City.

England v France later of course. They tend to rise to the occasion at these events. Let's hope they do tonight. Either way, the otherwise humdrum Baddiel and Skinner are back with Fantasy Football League. Speaking of which, the renaming of Divisions 3 and 4 to League 1 and League 2. What's that all about? Bloody marketing. Huddersfield's McAlpine Stadium is also to be renamed as part of a new 10 year sponsorship deal and this will be announced at the Blue concert! Let's hope it's something better than Blackpool FC's Pricebuster's Stand. Morty'll be spinning.

The Claire's Accessories Stand anyone?