Friday, June 11, 2004

uh! tears baby

Bad news! Looks like my PC won't return until mid next week. So frustrating as I seem to have lots to link to, some CD and book links to change and some pics to add. Sheesh! It's like a library in here.

Check out Boblog (sorry you'll have to use the link at the top of my 'blogs, blinks, blah' list in the sidebar). It's gone mad this week as he finds himself embroiled in Reagan vs AIDS controversy. The sane world is stunned at the shameless revisionism at the core of the media coverage of Reagan's death and his 'achievements via soundbite', but Washington DC must surely be the hub of this maelström. It certainly seems so from Bob's blog, but he marshalls the debate well, without losing sight of the fact that - Hey! It's his Blog!!

All this PDAing is giving me muscly fingers. I've got grip like Spidey.

Tomorrow I will buy Mozzer's 'You Are The Quarry'. Today I listened to Echo and The Bunnymen 'Porcupine' in the car, plus Gabriel's 'Up' on my iPod whilst on the train home from London.

The end of a busy week and one where I'm getting PC withdrawal symptoms. Euro 2004 kicks off tomorrow to take my mind off things.

Now, does anyone remember Win! Scottish band from around 1982? They had a minor hit with 'You've Got The Power'? Well anyway, two words... Franz. Ferdinand.

Is there anybody there?