Sunday, June 27, 2004

50,000 watts of goodwill

There's something grrr about Alison Goldfrapp, but I'm not sure what it is. Sure the thighboots help, but her horse-hair tail looked better than the stuff on her head on BBC3's Glastonbury coverage and overall she looked somewhat desiccated. Nevertheless, there's still something grrr about her. (I hold similar views re Roisin Murphy of Moloko, so maybe it is the boots.) At one point though Alison's fruity warbling was described in our house as akin to the cat hacking up a furball. I liked it though.

There's something less than grrr about Edith Bowman who must have lost her luggage en route to Glastonbury and had to borrow from her Mum. Franz Ferdinand were calmly assured of their greatness and of course went down hugely. I'm afraid that, thanks to Sky+, I sped through most of the Kings of Leon's set at x30 because, whilst I love their gonk-rock, they're nothing to watch. I skipped through Oasis too, stopping only occasionally to admire Liam's Ice Station Zebra fishtail parka. They're quite dull aren't they?

I'll whizz through yesterday's coverage later, but for now, let's have minute for Natasha Kaplinsky. If she loses out in the Strictly Come Dancing final to that bloke from Eastenders with two wooden legs, it's criminal. He doesn't know his cha from his cha. NK is perfect though... I must start watching BBC Breakfast more.