Wednesday, June 23, 2004

you gotta go there to come back... if you must

Whilst I did mention it in passing, it's probably worth reiterating the excellence of the new Pixies tune Bam Thwok!, available only from iTunes. Had I not been off on my hols I'd have been going to see them in Manchester on 10th July. For those lucky types who will be attending they'll be pleased to know that Pixies are supporting the Stereophonics (I know!) so they'll be able to leave Old Trafford well before the 'Phonics plug in. I think that bloke in the 'Nics has a reasonable voice, but just wish he'd stop inflicting St'ics songs on us.

It's Glasto time and, as usual, you could make up a decent line for one day out of all the pap that's spread across the whole festival. How about this for one day's Glasto entertainment:

Kings of Leon
Franz Ferdinand
Snow Patrol
Chicks on Speed
British Sea Power
Scissor Sisters
Badly Drawn Boy
Divine Comedy
Belle & Sebastian

Headliners: Black Eyed Peas