Tuesday, June 22, 2004

isn't it ironic? don't know boss... can't tell.

I'm sorry but I don't really believe that American's 'get' The Office. It's the same as how they laugh at Monty Python but aren't sure why. They are so embarrassed at not understanding irony that LA has got everyone together and said 'right, come on, The Office, It's big in the UK and it's all about irony... let's make like we understand it and embrace it'

Best Boy's Dolly Grip: 'But Boss... it's not funny'
Mogul: 'Ha ha... you're trying out irony now aren't you?'
Best Boy's Dolly Grip: 'Er... no. I don't get it Boss. The Office isn't funny'
Mogul: 'You're fired!'
Best Boy's Dolly Grip: 'Ha ha... you're trying out irony now aren't you, Boss?'
Mogul: ' No... you're fired!'

So anyway... Ricky Gervais has won a load of awards Stateside (neither he nor they know why) and, Archie Bunker style, they're making an US version of The Office (neither he nor they know why). Also, RG now gets himself invited to do cameos in hit TV shows such as Alias... previously mentioned here. Now I don't know if you saw the little fluff documentary about Gervais and Alias shown at 10pm last Sunday on Bravo, but it's quite clear that he and the LA team were worlds apart humour-wise and work-ethic wise. Even the show's producer JJ Abrams in dribbling plaudits all over Gervais and The Office clearly hadn't got a clue why Gervais is funny. Neither had the show's stars who struggled valiantly to bond with RG whilst obviously thinking 'what a dick'. Weird.

However, Gervais also came across as a completely unprofessional div at the other extreme to the Alias crew who must have been pulling their hair out at his slackarse attitude as he giggled or fluffed his lines for the umpteenth time.

Americans might want to stick with Benny Hill and Mr Bean and accept their shortcomings. Gervais though also wants a slap.

Changing the subject... at a time when iTunes, Napster and MyCoke are just gearing up, can you believe that they want to reinvent the single? Also, this should not be funny.

Not sure why but I'm going to see Sheryl Crow tonight at the MEN Arena.

He: 'Why don't we park somewhere other than the Arena carpark cos it gets so busy after the show?'
Me: 'Sheffield?'