Monday, June 28, 2004

throwing stones and pulling strings

As predicted, the 'open gardens' happening was pleasant enough despite some sidetracking for beer and cricket. E2004 gets increasingly interesting as the New Order of European Football kicks in. Czech Republic to win?

Now the challenge this week and next is to clear the desk without becoming too demob happy. Less than two weeks to holidays and I need to start grubbing around for foreign plug socket converters and mosquito spray whilst trying to remember the PIN number for the credit card I never use and the combination for the suitcase which is now potentially locked forever. I think it's got the mozzy spray and plug thingies in.

Last year the iPod joined us on holiday for the first time. What a revelation. Previously, the annual fortnight has been played out to the endless soundtrack of a particular child-friendly CD per location. Italy will always ring to the sounds of Atomic Kitten's Right Now. Cornwall is forever Ricky Martin. France belongs to Aqua. Now, with Mr Jobs little ingot on boards we happily hop from Madonna to Ron Sexsmith to Erykah Badu to Glenn Tilbrook to Guided By Voices to Angie Stone to Folk Implosion to Atomic Kitten (for old times sake).

Right... now about clearing that desk....