Wednesday, August 11, 2004

never rock or tilt

Usually when I'm faced with an arduous commute each day my music input ramps up significantly. Oddly though I'm listening to virtually nothing musicwise at the moment. I am radio-boy.

Even last night with the house to myself (aside from snoring infant) and the option of a full-wigout I elected to watch The Day After Tomorrow on DVD instead. On DVD you say? Why yes, I reply. But only a cheap pirate from Sunday's computer fair. I'm always stunned that these affairs aren't throbbing with undercover trading standards feds.

Also I promise myself each time that I won't buy any blag DVDs but do I listen? As for The Day After Tomorrow, judging by what I could make out it'll be snowing quite heavily on Friday but it won't stop anyone nipping out to the loo or fetching another monster bucket of popcorn. Be careful out there!