Thursday, August 05, 2004

andy's chest

Hmm! The bad news is that I've had to pull out of the Olympic 100 metres as I'm now on Steroids. Actually, I tested positive for the banned substance TMEAC (Too Much Egg And Chips) years ago.

Anyway, Tim's comment on yesterday's Lou Reed post got me thinking about overrated artists and albums. I agree with The Clash... but what others are there?

OK... What about the Beach Boys 'Pet Sounds'? Don't get me wrong I love the BBs (Holland is one of my favourite albums). However, Pet Sounds, whilst good in parts wouldn't get near my Top 10 as a whole album. I appreciate that the world won't listen.

The Libertines are wildy overrated. See also Supergrass, U2 (risible) and Oasis. I could go on and probably will at some point.

There's also bands that I just don't get. These are often (not always) American - Hoobastank, Hootie and The Blowfish, the Dave Matthews Band...