Sunday, September 26, 2004

waving not drowning

You drift for ages withour anything inspiring you musically. Then suddenly, you pick up on something new which really piques your interest. This, in turn, reminds you of something old which you revisit. This in turn leads you round to some information about something new again.

What is he on about? Well the something new is the Sons and Daughters CD - 'Love The Cup'. Now, I admit that I'm a little behind the curve here, in that S&D supported Franz Ferdinand earlier in the year. However, the Scots band sound like very little else at the moment, but reminded me a little of the quirky folky/martial sounding things to have emerged from the iconic Throwing Muses over the years.

This realisation got me round to seeing what was happening over at Muses HQ and revisiting some of their many great records from the past couple of decades (including the great song 'Backroad' from Red Heaven).

Here, I discovered Kristin and Bernard from the Muses hard at work on their latest creation, 50 Foot Wave, who are every bit as edgy and urgent as the Muses.

Sons and Daughters - Johnny Cash
50 Foot Wave - Glory Weed
Throwing Muses - Backroad

These MP3s are hosted elsewhere, so if I can spend a minute thanking their hosts and encouraging you to visit them. If they're unhappy, I'll remove the links straight away.

The Johnny Cash clip is from Sons and Daughters own site. You can buy the CD here.
The 50 Foot Wave track is hosted by CD Baby. You can buy the CD here.
The Throwing Muses track is from Beestung, which is a fantastic resource for Muses fans. Please visit.