Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Jumble Sales are out of fashion aren't they? They're all car-boots and table-top sales these days. Pretty much the same thing though. They're still the place where CDs and tapes of Pan Pipes music go to die.

There was a Table Top Sale at the village hall the other day and the only thing that distinguished it from 'ye olde jumbel sayle' was the fact that a couple of people had rented stalls in order to offload new gear. So in amongst the dog-eared copies of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and incomplete jigsaws of York Minster were bottles of new world wine for £8.99-a-pop and Brio trains and and cars for even more. Not quite right somehow.

The first ten minutes are always the most stressful when the local dealers who've been queueing up outside pile in, grab all the best stuff, hassle the Brownies manning the stalls in order to get a bulk discount and then clear off to sell it at their own sale later in the day at a huge mark-up. After they've gone though it's just thrifty mums, moody dads and skriking kids waving their broken 10p 'slinky's and crayoned on Shoot! annuals.