Friday, June 10, 2005

the aviator

Corporate shindigs are funny things. Went to one yesterday in London and, as these things go, it wasn't bad. Some champers, a few IT bods talking about multi-channel bits and bobs, some posh buffet food, more champers and a toddle off home.

I flew to the smoke this time... normally I go on the train. To be honest there's not a lot in it. It's either a drive to Wakefield and the train to Kings Cross, or a hop over the Pennines to Manchester and a Fokker 50 to London City. There a bit bumpy those planes... they're less Meet the Fokkers, more Meet your Breakfast.

Anyway, it still feels more thrusting, dynamic and space age to go by plane. I like to sit there doing my So Doku and listening to my tunes whilst looking out over the title sequence from Eastenders.

Staying away in hotels is another matter though. They have full length mirrors in them you know. No Health and Safety warning or anything. I thought a was sharing room with a perspiring fat bloke with a bald head at first. I'd start running again but my calves have other ideas. Bugger. I've got my biannual BUPA health check at the beginning of next month. I'll get a right telling off.

Hey, I didn't tell you. When I came back from London on the train earlier in the week, I sat in the same carriage as Sadie Flower who won Strictly Dance Fever. You know the squat muscly jiver. Hey, and here's the thing. She's neither squat nor muscly... in fact very petite and pretty. Maybe I'll look petite and pretty if I enter for the next series... my rumba is to die for. Anyhow, I thought the other couple should have won but I didn't tell her that. She was on her way to appear on Look North and I didn't want to put her off her stroke.