Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Back at base now and New York seems so long ago. Good memories though.

Hey, gadget boy bought a PSP. Not in New York though... they don't do bundles... By the time you've bought the games it's dearer there than it is here... plus you've got a knackered guarantee and a crappy US plug... so I waited until I got home.

It's a thing of beauty though... shiny and black with a huge bright screen... what a geek!! Anyway, Wipeout Pure looks a dream!!!

What else? Well this Saturday I'm taking Alley to France to pick up a load of wine ahead of the Christmas period. An elaborate charade but it saves more than a few quid when you knock it back like Mrs B (I just supervise). Plus, it's a day out in the Backroads Bus. It's forecast snow but who knows!

I forget to set SkyPlus for New Order/Joy Division's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, so I assume someone qualified induced them as appropriate. Anyone see it?

Other than that I've been listening to this and reading this.