Tuesday, September 06, 2005

stuck inside with a mobile with the texting blues again

Going barmy today. Stuck in bed with man flu. Only my phone for company… company which is not too bad actually in that it plays tunes, lets me play games (Su Doku loopy nuts are we), take pictures of my gonads and send texts to my many many buddies. None of whom seem to want to play with me for some odd reason. I’m sure they are just in meetings with their phones switched off. Yes, that’ll be it.

When I was small I had a book which contained lots of ideas about how to keep yourself entertained whilst in bed with the plague. Unfortunately, I can only remember the method of folding and knotting a pocket handkerchief into the shape of a mouse. Dull. Think I might have a quick shuffle on my pink iPod instead… let’s see now…definitely The Strokes… a little Squeeze … oh… some Cream… Sticky Fingers is a good album too…

“Nurse. The Screens!”

Mrs Backroads has agreed to wear that latex nursy outfit I bought her for Christmas today. Y’know, a bit like the one that dobber from Huddersfield wore into the Big Brother house.

I think I’m delirious. “Nurse, More absinthe!”

Thursday, September 01, 2005

jenny the fox

It always takes me about a week to get back into the swing of work after I've come back from holiday.  How about you?  I find it hard to get out of bed first of all.  When I eventually do get to work I can't wait to knock off and get home.  My to-do list sits there in my little black book getting longer and longer.  To-do lists get to a point where they're so long that tackling any of the jobs doesn't really make any material difference to the list's overall  length... so why bother.

I reckon I'll start perking up soon.  Starting to eat better will probably help my energy levels too, as I'm still raking in the crap after my hols. Need to detox a little I feel.

When I got home last night we had a visitor.  A foxy architect.  After our failed attempts at moving house earlier in the year we've decided to stay put and make some changes to Backroads Manor.  If the plans are as well proportioned as the planner things should be looking pretty perky.  I am thinking about a couple of firm points of interest along with what I expect will be quite a snug front entrance with a neatly trimmed hedge... or maybe no hedge at all...the possibilities are endless...

Anyway!  Later on we enjoyed the thunder and lightning display before dispatching Team Backroads jr to their beds.  We then watched Mona Lisa Smile on Sky Movies.  Pretty good remake of Dead Poets Society I thought... and with a better looking cast.  I like the American collegiate imagery and wonder why they haven't got around to filming Donna Tartt's The Secret History, as that story would really benefit from those kind of atmospherics.

Next week I'm going darn the smoke to see Bob Mould on his UK date.  Should be good.  Meeting an old school bud for dinner and drinks and then onto the show.  He's not the biggest Mould fan so I need to burn him some discs tonight so he can 'revise'.  There's nothing worse than going to a gig and knowing none of the tunes.