Friday, April 07, 2006


As I'm struggling to keep up the momentum with my blogging output at the moment I thought I'd post tomorrow's entry early. Then I can have a day off.

Well exercise didn't work.

Diets failed.

Yep, hypnotism is all the rage chez backroads. Paul McKenna is our best mate. All you have to do is read his "I can make you thin" book (quite amusing in three places), listen to his CD each day (28 minutes of voodoo hocus pocus which makes you turn into one of Kreskin's stooges (younger readers ask your dad) every time you set eyes on a donut).

All you need then is his "I can give you more free time" book and CD to enable you to find the 28 minutes each day to lock yourself in a darkened room away from job, kids and life to listen to the Get Thin CD. Trouble is you have to find time for the 25 minute Free Time' CD* as well. I tend to put this on my iPod and listen to it whilst I'm having my regular Big Mac Meal of a lunchtime.

Cheers then.

*Despite all this it really works. Oh yes it does. It really works. It does. Yes.