Monday, December 04, 2006


My car is bust so I was on the train today, which worked out pretty well actually because it was time for me to take the team out for a nice Christmas lunch and I got to imbibe a little too much whilst most of them were driving.

Trouble is I then get a little antsy on my way home and start sending rambling illegible emails to fellow bloggers from my phone, whilst listening to Death Cab for Cutie dead loud on my noise cancelling headphones. I got a tap on the shoulder from a bloke telling me that I might want to consider taking them back because as far as he was concerned they were still making a right racket. I thanked him for his considered input with an encouraging "thanks for coming, our kid, now get back to your Manchester Evening News 'easy' Sudoku challenge" before shuffling to the ear-splitting thud-core of Iron and Wine's version of Love Vigilantes. I am so rock. I am. Oh yes.