Saturday, November 18, 2006


There's a word for it.

Boo wakes up demanding milk. I get up, get it and give it. Now she's asleep and I'm writing crap lyrics and commenting on people's blogs whilst they too are asleep.

I'm going to London later on. It's for a very secret blogmeet. Yes I'm going with Mrs Backroads and she doesn't know about my nasty blogging habit, so how's that for the ultimate guerilla gig.

If you want to come and say hello though, that'd be nice. We'll be stood bickering in between G.A.Y. and the Harmony Adult Superstore on Charing Cross Road about 10.30pm. I'll be the baldy short-arse with the honey ten years his junior and the 'can't quite believe his luck' expression. But don't mention anything about the internet, or Jill Halfpenny, or Amsterdam.

She thinks I was in Catford.