Monday, October 30, 2006


Those of you without children really ought to think about it. With today's modern conveniences child rearing is a snip. Take Sky Plus for example. The nippers wake up and demand anything from the widest range of quality programming choices. It could be a bit of Lilo and Stitch - The Series, Power Rangers - Mystic Force, or even Teletubbies. I don't think that the politically correct amongst you could cock a snook at this approach... it leads to well adjusted little people, the ambassadors of our future. The presentation demographics on Cbeebies ensure that all viewers know that everyone is either very camp or black. Which is, of course, true. Unless you are very camp and black.

Snicket used to like to watch that Crocodile Hunter too but they don't show that anymore one the basis that he knew everything about animals, but sod all about fish.