Tuesday, September 05, 2006


We walk to school (ahem).

Snicket started school today so we all walked with him. He looked pretty smart as it goes, all chipper and excited with his book bag in his hand.

Mrs Backroads was in bits. This is a day that hits Mums pretty hard it seems. Still, other than dealing with Boo she now has all the time in the world to go food shopping which is where she is now... as a distraction I think.

Snicket was excited to see a huge garden snail scaling the school wall. He ran off to meet some friends and brought them all over to see the snail, by which time I'd accidently leaned on it, crushing it's shell and smearing it's still throbbing innards halfway down the wall.

Blimey... and they're only just getting over the whole Crodile Hunter thing.

So that went quite well I thought.