Friday, August 11, 2006


Being dead witty and not even slightly up my own arse I often like to risk life and limb whilst driving in to work and listening to Radio Five Live by texting in hugely funny one liners for the team in the studio to read out to entertain my public.

Obviously, they have NEVER EVER NOT ONCE read out any of my missives, but am I bitter? NO!

Well this morning they had a feature on up and coming nobodies ‘The Horrors’ who are the next big thing for the MySpace generation. ‘Shockingly’, they have only got 15 minutes of ‘material’ and have never even heard of the ‘Jesus and Mary Chain’.

Yawn… anyone still there?

Anyway, the way the programme trailed the item was by asking “The Arctic Who?” which was much more though provoking, as it got me thinking about what a great tribute act The Arctic Who could be. They could do songs like “The Kids Are All Right Cold” and “Snowball Wizard” or even “My Generator” or “I Bet That You Look Good on a Vespa”.

Amazingly, Radio Five Live passed up this once in a lifetime opportunity to palpate the listeners’ collective chuckle muscle so I’ve opened up the deal your good selves. Shall I add the Donate Via PayPal button yet? This stuff doesn’t write itself y’know.

Moving on.

Tomorrow, I will be openly snubbing an aggregate of bloggers getting together at Urbis and thus foregoing my chance to win a free wireless to go instead to distant Salford to see the ENB/ENO collaboration which forms part of Sky’s takeover of Manchester this weekend.

Now I know that you’ll think I’m dead highbrow and that, but I did try for tickets for Lazytown and they’d sold out. However, I’ll be setting my controls for the heart of the sun afterwards to go and see Superman Returns in 3D at the Printworks IMAX. So I’ll wave at y’all whilst you’re swapping RSS feeds. Have a good one and don’t forget kids, it’s not big and it’s not clever