Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Hey.  If you happen to see the most beautiful girl in the works canteen, don't drop your mug of tea down your pants.


In yesterday's heat, I cut down to the local picture palace to watch Suzanne Vega.  Last week I was in here swathed in smoke and in the company of gentlemen making Ian Broudie rich whilst watching England stumble.   Last night I was in the company of genteel men and women in comfortable footwear to offer respect and polite applause to Ms Vega.  She was very good and, without wishing to damn her with faint praise, extremely proficient.   Her little anecdotes and ad libs had the air of the well rehearsed about them, but at least she drew the meat raffle.  She's sort of like a cross between Beth Orton and Margaret Becket… more political than the former, better songs than the latter.