Saturday, November 11, 2006


Did anyone listen to FiveLive Breakfast yesterday? A whole feature on Shy Bladder and Shy Bowel Syndrome. Laugh, I nearly peed myself, except I couldn't because I was in traffic and the truckers were putting me off. It's serious though. Very serious.

The bloke being interviewed was so insecure that he felt that if he went into a cubicle to have a wee, his mates would immediately conclude that he was a gay cruiser. How ridiculous is that? You'd never get a festively decorated narrowboat into the cubicle at Worksop Services would you? Not unless you poked it through one of those holes people make under the bog-roll holder. What's that about?

Anyway, speaking of internet shopping, how come none of the supermarkets can get it right? Sainsburys are a disaster, ASDA are unable to meet their agreed timeslot and even Tesco cannot seem to find an alternative product for Mild Cheddar Cheese, leaving the Family Backroads cheeseless for a week. One of us might have to go outdoors now. Doh!