Thursday, December 20, 2007


I read this thing on Andrew Collins' blog about him getting a call from a mate at the Telegraph and being asked to knock up a 1200 word piece about some fluff in about an hour to get into the the following morning's paper, which he did. I was quite impressed and thought, well if he can do that, then I can at least write a few lines of drivel for this blog.

I've tidied away some of those 'YouTube posts for the lazy blogger'.... they really can make your site look a mess. Social networking sites and video sites like myspace and YouTube are so ugly. I don't get it. Perhaps I shouldn't.

I've just been taking pictures of the village children getting their presents from Father Christmas. He was a bit rubbish, frankly. I could do a better job. I have the physique and I reckon that even I could wear a beard so that the moustache was below my nose and not hovering just below my eyes. Anyway, the kids didn't seem to notice as they were handed some tat to open.

Last night was Snicket's Christmas play in the church. The teachers thought it'd be a good idea to put the big kids at the front and the tiniest ones right at the back, behind the table upon which a chubby girl dressed as Scrooge spent most of the time lying down. Therefore, photo-opportunities were scarce. Even standing up on the rear-most pew with my longest lens, the pic above was the best I got just as he was leaving the church... and this was the evening session. Mrs B had come home in tears after the morning performance and even had words with the Head. Made no difference... but Snicket enjoyed singing the Fezziwig Rock and Roll in the trumped up version of Christmas Carol which they were butchering.

I obviously haven't blogged for ages so here's a quick catch-up. Saw Richard Thompson twice, saw Kate Rusby twice, saw the Wedding Present, saw Crowded House (I know), saw Squeeze. Didn't see Battles. Went to Disneyland Paris, entire family ill for duration, sparrow hit windscreen on return home. Went to Amsterdam again. Bought more vinyl. Went to the ballet. Got one of these.

Looking forward now, it's nearly Christmas and work is quieting down nicely. The Family Backroads is done and dusted shopping and wrapping-wise and we have six Christmas trees!!