Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I’ve been purposefully off the grid for a while. Needed to recharge the blogging batteries as I find it takes increasingly more effort to read and write the things but I can’t quite let it all go.

What can I tell you? Well, we have selected the latest member of the backroads squad and he’ll be joining us in a couple a weeks. A male lhasa apso, as yet unnamed. Current favourites are Wicket, Fidget, Spike, and Gripper Stebson… any other suggestions?

As for the weekend, nothing unusual, we constructed a scarecrow, watched the League One play-offs, had Sky News round to film a piece on planning law (think that hit the cutting room floor as some silly sod torched the Cutty Sark… we are now today’s fish and chips wrappers).

I can’t get my SACDs to play the multi-layer properly, but I have decided to liberate my vinyl from the loft and acquire a new turntable. That’ll be strange.

It’s Chelsea Flower Show this week which looks great in HD. I quite like the idea of gardening.