Saturday, December 30, 2006


I can't sleep. So I've started walking around the village in the dark, which is a bit tricky when you are up and down stiles and the like. I nearly ended up in a pond last night. That's where my head torch comes in.

Anyway, I went to give blood with Nanna Backroads this evening at the Methodist Hall. They kicked me out on account of me having been to India recently and Nanna B could only manage a quick spurt. The whole thing was like an episode of Jam and Jerusalem thoughout. Open hostility and infighting amongst the nurses. One of them refused to work in a draft, another wouldn't stand next to the heater, one wouldn't do tea and biscuits and one had been taking the piss out of donors all day instead. As for the brain donors themselves, there were loads. One woman got a certificate for 25 pints you know.

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