Sunday, August 22, 2004

for the benefit of captain kipper

Seems that the Little Chef is too chubby. Apparently, the little fella is reminscent of an overweight child and is to be slimmed down. Blimey.

Well yesterday we took in the East coast. Whitby to be precise. I fell over running to jump into a photograph after pressing the self-timer button. Everyone found that amusing for some reason. I had a grass stain down my jeans all day like a big kid. Anyway, then we all got dressed up as Hussars/Victorian ladies for an old-fashioned photo which, I have to say, turned out exceptionally well and was not half as cheesy as it sounds.

Huge portions of fish and chips were consumed. Morris Dancing was watched (seemingly it's Whitby Folk Week, but no sign of Richard Thompson or Kate Rusby, but we did see her mate). A light-house was climbed (on the inside, but nevertheless). We even had a look around an old pirate ship, the Grand Turk. This cost a fortune and, somewhat naively, I was hugely disappointed to discover that it was only built in 1997. What a swizz. Anyway, there was a Punch and Judy show featuring sausages, Captain Kipper and Dracula, so all in all a pleasant time was had by all.

In the world, this was distressing to watch, but no-one died. Mind you, perhaps if she'd have filled up at a Little Chef beforehand Paula might've had the energy to finish. Pink and Dido apparently rocked the V Festival. This I'm finding hard to believe, but y'know.