Sunday, October 17, 2004

fever 103°

I'm sitting in a maternity ward surrounded by women on those audio baby monitoring devices. This is what it must be like at an Aphex Twin gig.

I tell you what though, it's like being in Curry's in here. There's TVs everywhere. Every bed has an LCD TV/phone/internet terminal. Cool. Well it would be if the phone worked, which it doesn't, and t'internet has an ODBC error. So. I'm blogging from my trusty PDA again.

Just watched last night's X-Factor on ITV2 though. Is it wrong to cry at such tosh? Can't believe Rowetta's through. She has the vocal stylings of the Mallard at 125 mph. A bit like that foghorn out of M people, although she's a bit more like the teacher in Charlie Brown.

Finally, Paul McCartney reckons winning the lottery won't change him and, hey, I believe him. Live and let die, that's what I say.