Thursday, December 09, 2004

don't let go the coat

Late one night, whilst walking the dog, you find a perfectly good, quite trendy, almost brand new jacket on the pavement outside your house. You pick it up. You take it inside. You try it on. It fits. You ask the lady of the house what she thinks. She likes it. It suits you.

Next day you are sitting on the bus on the way to work wearing said jacket. You overhear a group of teenagers bemoaning the fact that one of them had thrown the other one’s brand new jacket out of the window of a taxi on the way home from a club the night before.

Do you

a) turn round, red-faced, explain your side of the story and sheepishly remove the jacket and hand it over?
b) face forward in sheer panic hoping to God that they don’t notice that you’re wearing an uncannily similar garment.
c) chuckle to yourself and enjoy the fact that someone else’s loss is your gain.