Tuesday, December 07, 2004

a bang and a wimpy

Snicket’s party went well in the end, although the biggest shock was when I turned up at the Hire Shop and found that I’d accidently booked the rig for the second stage at Glastonbury. It took two trips to get the lighting rig, lamps, mixer, amp, p.a. system etc to the Village Hall. All a bit embarrassing for a three year old’s birthday party I suppose. Mind you, the bloke at the shop was dead envious as his gig for the night was for a bunch of old giffers at the local Liberal Club who’d requested ‘no loud music’ and ‘please don’t switch the flashing lights on until after the pie and peas supper’.

Anyway, I enjoyed playing out and, after their burgers and hot dogs, the kids went mad for it as they skidded around bemusedly between the Hokey Cokey, House of Pain’s Jump Around, a bit of Destiny’s Child and Kylie and back to the Hokey Cokey via the White Stripes. They even managed to avoid the mirror ball which fell to the dance floor with a loud crash (isn’t blu-tack rubbish?) during my first set. I tell you what though, I could get a taste for turntablism.

Mind you, what the kids didn’t seem to realise that I is an artist now and my hands is my tools. One or two of the mini-Chavs even had the audacity to come up to me with requests (Simon Says and the like), but they soon got the message as I sniffily fixed them with my best ‘can’t you bloody well see I’m working, urchin’ scowl whilst deftly segueing Extreme Noise Terror into Napalm Death. I did cause a bit of a fracas when Musical Statues turned into Musical Fall Over And Chin Yourself on the Foot of The Lighting Rig, but in the main I got away with it. In fact, my hastily improvised ‘Pin the Thong on Beyonce’ game went down a treat (with all the Dad’s in the room at least).

If I get chance I’ll add some pics later, although maybe not... it’s Snicket’s actual factual birthday today. I haven’t been home for two days and all his pressies are up in the loft… awww the poor child! I can’t decide whether it’s more Lionel Bart or Bart Simpson round our house.