Tuesday, June 14, 2005

back to life

I often have to defend why I watch stuff like Celebrity Love Island and Big Brother, but y’know I sit in the car for the best part of four hours each day listening to Radio 4 and Radio 5 Live, I don’t have to sit in front of Jeremy Paxman when I get home. Now sometimes I do watch the TV news, but if there’s an Alias or a Boston Legal of even a Joey to numb my whirring brain, then on it goes.

This doesn’t mean that CLI and BB aren’t rubbish… they are… of course. Despite this though, they can be addictive. However, if that’s the case, my tolerance levels are on the increase or I crave something better, harder, stronger, faster. In the meantime CLI and BB will have to do. On BB though, my interest is actually waning in direct proportion to the amount of whining. Also, I think it’s pretty clear that Davina has lost interest in both the format and the people and it’s purely a cash cow for her. She should stand aside and move over for Dermot O’Leary who’s still a bit creative and currently just left with the crumbs from BB’s table.

As for CLI, it’s sort of semi-addictive because those involved are semi-famous. Also, there’s no attempt at even semi-hardship as the semi-celebs are mollycoddled through the day and plied with cocktail after cocktail. The best bit is the complete lack of chemistry between Patrick Kielty and Kelly Brook, plus Kelly’s increasingly bizarre wardrobe. It’s great watching Patrick wince at Kelly’s overall clumsiness and lack of ability with the script/autocue. But it’s Kelly’s deal, as she’s ‘consultant producer’ so unbelievably she calls the shots. Imagine the sound of two vacuums colliding.