Wednesday, October 20, 2004

only when i laugh

Still ill. This room's got more boxes with flashing lights than AOL's comms room. There's even a machine that goes 'ping'. Most though have a reassuring display of regular blips or dots. There's one where there is a light that never goes out. Then there's another which, every ten minutes or so begins to oscillate wildly. I'm keeping my eye on that one.

The other thing which I don't think I've mentioned is the noise. From 8-6 every day there's a bloke directly above deconstructing an old concrete operating theatre with a pneumatic drill. If you didn't come in here with a headache, you're certainly leaving with one. If you'd paid for a fortnight in the Golden Lights holiday apartments in Tenerife and there was a building site as noisy as that next door, you'd be complaining to you're rep right about now.

Well guess what! TV/Internet/Phone missy's just been. She's obviously read IT Support for Dummies because she just said she needed to turn it off and turn it on again. Yep, that's what she said. So, you're thinking, why didn't you do it yourself dumbass? Well, because the on/off switch is behind a secret panel on the wall. Cunning, huh! 24 hours off-line all for the want of an Allen Key.

Changing tack. The Delgados BBC Sessions CD is a revelation, replete with Guided By Voices cover and songs more Uresei Yatsura than the blissed out indie pop of Hate or Universal Audio.