Friday, June 17, 2005

all tomorrow's parties

Tomorrow our token gay friend William FitzPatrick is coming round to cook dinner for us. He’s bringing his new partner Patrick FitzWilliam who we’ll be meeting for the first time. Not only is he cooking for me and Mrs B, but also for Laney (Mrs B’s sister), and our good friends and neighbours Van and Lauri Carr-Parker.

William likes to cook and we all like to eat. So what a great confluence of interests this represents. Now William’s best (platonic) friend is Laney. She and Mrs B fight like cat and dog like only siblings can. Laney has facilitated this event, but we are hosting and funding it.. Lauri and Van are freeloading, but they’re on high voltage having had a nipper and being unable to resolve themselves to all that that entails after ten years of twinkydom. Does any of this make sense? More later.

Have a good weekend.